Why Become a SIPPA Assessor?

  • Give back to your profession by participating in a program that will deliver needed family physician health care resources to rural and underserved communities in Saskatchewan
  • It is an opportunity to gain valuable skills that can be applied to other teaching roles
  • Assessing allows you to claim MAINPRO+ credits under CPFC’s linking learning to teaching

SIPPA Assessment Process Overview:

SIPPA candidates are partnered with experienced family physicians for four to six weeks of assessment before the candidate moves to a new community for another independent assessment. Candidates are typically assessed in rural family practice (4-6 weeks), urban/regional family practice (4-6 weeks) and ER time (2 weeks) is built into a regional or urban block. Some practices rotate candidates with multiple family physicians and some only have one physician doing the assessment. The clinical field assessment will occur outside the community to which the candidate has been recruited to practice under a return of service contract. All SIPPA assessors are contract positions and are remunerated for their time evaluating the candidate. Successful candidates go on to a supervised license post-SIPPA.

Assessor Qualifications:

  • Registered in Saskatchewan with a full, unrestricted licence for independent practice; 
  • Practices in Saskatchewan; 
  • Minimum of three (3) consecutive years in practice in family medicine (includes time under a provisional licence);
  • Is not currently the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceeding;
  • Willing to comply with all terms of the Contract for Service from the University of Saskatchewan; 
  • Maintains an appropriate level of CMPA or equivalent insurance coverage; 
  • Willing and able to provide honest feedback to the physicians and to the SIPPA Medical Director;
  • Strong sense of professional responsibility and commitment to peer support;
  • Active in continuing professional learning;
  • No real or perceived conflict of interest;  
  • Effective communication skills;  
  • Acceptance of diversity and relates well to people of varied background.
  • CFPC certification is preferable but not mandatory
  • College of Medicine faculty appointment preferred

If you are interested in assessing and meet this criteria please contact the SIPPA office for more information. Our onboarding process requires you to complete the Medical Council of Canada online assessor training modules and attend a new assessor training session(s), held virtually, prior to assessing.