Important Updates

Update Regarding SIPPA Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Due to the discontinuation of the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part II (MCCQE2) exam, the NAC Examination (NAC OSCE) will continue to be an accepted examination to meet the current prescreen requirement of MCCQE2 or NAC OSCE. The required scores remain in effect. Detailed prescreen eligibility requirements can be found here. 

Selection into SIPPA is a competitive process and meeting the minimum requirements, including achieving an acceptable pass standing on the NAC OSCE or MCCQE2, does not guarantee selection for the SIPPA program. Details about these examinations can be found on the Medical Council of Canada’s website at

For the purpose of meeting Pre-Screen licensure eligibility requirements for the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA), the accepted NAC Examination (NAC OSCE) score for examinations written in October 2021, will be a minimum score of 1400. 

Effective December 9, 2021 the CASPer exam will no longer be a requirement for an applicant to be eligible for selection to the SIPPA program.


Remote Proctoring: A new option for the TDM Examination

Beginning in January 2021, TDM Examination candidates will have the option to write the exam in person at selected Prometric test centres in Canada or to use remote proctoring. Remote proctoring offers candidates the opportunity to test anywhere globally, as long as the computer configuration and internet speed requirements are met. For more information visit:


COVID UPDATE: Therapeutic Decision Making Examination Update

Please note the following from the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) regarding the TDM Exam:

For an update on current NAC PRA TDM Exam and PRA information, please click here.  

For further updated information on the NAC PRA TDM Exam Validity Period and Attempts, please click here.


Therapeutics Decision-Making (TDM) Examination

Effective March 01, 2022, SIPPA applicants who have not yet achieved the NAC OSCE requirement will be permitted to sit the TDM examination. All other requirements must be satisfied to be eligible for an invitation to sit the TDM. The TDM examination’s durability is two years.

Applicants will need to obtain the NAC OSCE and meet all other eligibility criteria as set out by saskdocs and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan and reach a Final Ruling in time to be selected for an iteration within those two years to be considered for SIPPA selection. 

Applicants to SIPPA should be aware that it is a competitive process and that achieving a pass standing on the TDM Examination does not guarantee selection for the SIPPA program.

Candidates who have been deemed eligible by a PRA program to sit the examination will receive instructions on how to schedule their exam from the MCC, directly through their account. Candidates may connect directly with the MCC through their account or, where staff are available to answer questions. 

The 2022 TDM Examination sessions are planned for January 18 and June 7. 

For more information about the TDM Examination, please visit the MCC’s TDM Examination webpage. 

Effective January 1, 2022 all applicants who sit the NAC PRA TDM Examination will pay a fee of $2140.