Current Assessors

The Assessor’s primary duties are:
  • Orientation of the candidate to the Clinical Field Assessment site including local and regional healthcare services
  • Provision of exposure to clinical situations as appropriate for the purpose of assessment of candidates in these clinical settings (i.e., office care, hospital in-patient care, emergency care, and long-term care)
  • Assess candidate’s practice readiness at the level of A CANADIAN TRAINED FAMILY PHYSICIAN ENTERING PRACTICE
  • Assess candidate’s communication ability
  • Record evaluation of candidate performance on the applicable report forms during the assessment</p
  • There is no obligation to remediate candidate deficiencies (SIPPA is a Practice Ready Assessment program not a training program)
  • Submit invoice for SIPPA assessment services within 14 days of the last day of the Clinical Field Assessment

Assessor Resources:

To log in go to: and then enter your Usask NSID and password. This secure site contains assessor training resources including recorded presentations, an invoice template and Clinical Field Assessment forms.

To access the modules go to:
You will have been sent log-in information from Learn Upon. If you do not have a log-in please notify the SIPPA Coordinator.
MCC is working on certifying the modules for MAINPRO+ credits.

If you do not have a faculty appointment, SIPPA administrative staff will assist you in obtaining one through the Department of Academic Family Medicine.

Usask CoM Faculty Engagement:

Usask CoM Faculty Orientation to Teaching: Faculty Development

  • New faculty pdf (2017) – recommended for all those new to teaching:

Faculty Appointments - College of Medicine | University of Saskatchewan (

  • Resources link:

Faculty Appointments - College of Medicine | University of Saskatchewan (