General Information

Initial eligibility for SIPPA is determined by saskdocs.

If you wish to enquire about eligibility for SIPPA please contact saskdocs. SIPPA does not advise potential applicants regarding eligibility. Effective December 9, 2021 the CASPer exam will no longer be a requirement for an applicant to be eligible for selection to the SIPPA program.

Completion of the CASPer exam is required for an applicant to be eligible for selection to the SIPPA program. Physicians who have successfully completed the saskdocs pre-screen will be invited to sit the CASPer examination. The CASPer score will be used as an adjunct to the interview process and will not be used to determine who is selected for an interview. The examination is completed online and applicants can register up to three (3) days in advance of the examination. An invitation that includes detailed information will be forwarded to applicants prior to the examination. 

Application to SIPPA is administered by saskdocs. Please contact saskdocs.

SIPPA does not accept any direct applications.

All SIPPA candidates must agree to a Return of Service Agreement as a condition of participation. Return of Service Agreements are administered by saskdocs.


Candidates accepted to SIPPA will be provided accommodation and a stipend while participating in the program (Orientation to Family Practice in Saskatchewan and Clinical Field Assessment).

Candidates participating in SIPPA are required to sign a SIPPA agreement for assessment.

SIPPA is a practice ready assessment program. SIPPA does not provide licensure to practice medicine in Saskatchewan. Please contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan with any questions you may have regarding physician licensure in Saskatchewan.