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virtual icon Format: Virtual | Recordings available on website after sessions
person icon Target Audience: Primary care physicians, specialist physicians, medical residents, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and pharmacists working in Saskatchewan. Other health care professions are welcome to participate. 
clock Program Length: 1 - 1.5 hour virtual classroom sessions.
accreditation icon Accreditation: Virtual Classrooms are accredited if attended live. 
registration Registration: See individual Virtual Classrooms below. 
dollar icon Fees: Free



For over 10 years, Saskatchewan has had the highest annual rate of new HIV and hepatitis C diagnoses in the country. The province now has one of the fastest growing rates of syphilis infections in Canada. This is resulting in an urgent need to educate healthcare providers accross the province how to recognize, test, treat and manage these sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBI) in their clinics. 

In response, the STBBI Treatment Education Program for Saskatchewan (STEPS) has been created to provide free and accessible continuing medical education through the STBBI Virtual Classroom.

Additional STEPS programing and support is available for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who are interested in prescribing HIV and hepatitis C treatment in Saskatchewan.

Current Virtual Classrooms

We are currently planning Fall 2024 Virtual Classrooms. Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, please visit the page below to view information about accessing previous presentation recordings and resources!

Additional STEPS Programming & Support

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners who are interested in becoming HIV and hepatitis C treatment prescribers in Saskatchewan might be eligible for additional support from the STEPS program.

This includes:

  • Assistance being added to the list of Designated HIV and/or Hep C Treatment Prescribers for Saskatchewan: The STEPS program provides coordination and preparation of requests to SK Drug Plan on behalf of physicians and nurse practitioners who want to be added to the list of Designated ARV (HIV) and/or DAA (Hep C) Treatment Prescribers for Saskatchewan. Joining this list will ensure HIV and Hep C medication cost coverage for patients covered under SK Drug Plan. 
  • HIV/STBBI Clinical Preceptorship: The STEPS program coordinates opportunities for physicians and nurse practitioners who are currently practicing in Saskatchewan to participate in half or full day clinics to observe an HIV/STBBI specialist provide patient care. 
    • Note: Limited number of opportunities are available and participants are prioritized based on the following criteria:
      • 1) Currently (or interested) in prescribing HIV and/or STBBI medication treatment.
      • 2) Currently (or will) be working in a clinic with a moderate or high volume of patients who require HIV/STBBI care.
      • 3) Have received HIV/STBBI medical education from the STEPS program. 

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The STEPS program has received an educational grant or in-kind resources from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

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