What is the IMG Support Program?

The Saskatchewan Non-Licensed IMG Support Program is a project funded by the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training (ICT), Government of Saskatchewan with services delivered through the Division of Continuing Medical Education at the University of Saskatchewan.

The program is designed to provide navigation support and resources to International Medical Graduates (anyone who received their undergraduate medical training outside of a Canadian accredited school) who reside in Saskatchewan. They will have access to information on pathways to medical licensure, and advice on how to enhance their chance of matching to residency programs, or to find meaningful alternative healthcare careers in the province.

There are two streams of the program:

Stream 1 – Study, Information and Interview Supports

You will be provided with access to an online learning management system (Canvas) with continually updated information and resources to help navigate your way through medical examinations and interact with other international medical graduates.  You will have access to CaRMS application support, including interview preparation.

Stream 2 – Alternate Health Careers

Through career counselling, referrals and discussing educational options, you will be supported in the development of a career action plan. This is intended to assist you in entering a fulfilling and rewarding alternate health career.  Resources are also available on the online learning management system (Canvas) with continually updated information.  You will have access to assistance with Resume writing and interview preparation.

*New initiatives are being explored by The Ministry of Immigration and Career Training for IMGs, in both medical licensure and alternate health careers.