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University of Saskatchewan
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Saskatoon SK S7N 4J8

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Phone: (306) 966-7787
Fax: (306) 966-7673

The College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, is a strong supporter of outreach education for all physicians in Saskatchewan. Through this website and associated distance education initiatives, we hope to provide up-to-date, relevant learning materials which will enable physicians to design and access continuing medical education and professional development to meet their individual needs, and to do so in their own working environment.

The quality of medical care offered to the people of the province depends in great measure on the effectiveness of the physicians and other health care professionals who provide it. The College of Medicine encourages all physicians to take advantage of the services offered through the Division of Continuing Medical Education in meeting their learning needs.

Through effective continuing medical education programs, the Division of Continuing Medical Education assists physicians in their efforts to provide the best quality of patient care. As much as possible, physicians are involved in planning, conducting, and evaluating all programs because continuing education is most effective when participants share in all phases of the program.

CME staff are eager to provide you with progressively more available, more effective, and more enjoyable continuing education opportunities. Your opinions, ideas, and requests are welcomed to assist in planning and developing the most helpful programs. Further information about learning opportunities is available from the Division of Continuing Medical Education.

The Division of Continuing Medical Education also collaborates with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Medical Association and The Ministry of Health in delivering and supporting the Practice Enhancement Program (PEP).


Dr. Jim Barton, MD, FRCPC
Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education
Clinical Professor of Medicine-Nephrology
Program Director-Adult Nephrology
Faculty Profile

CME office phone: 306-966-7787
CME office fax: 306-966-7673
Clinical office phone: 306-934-3300
Clinical office fax: 306-934-3355
Katherine Churchman Manager Administration (306) 966-7789
Darla Schiebelbein Event Coordinator (306) 966-8022
Jessica Wylie Program/Event Coordinator (306) 966-7795
Roxanne Laforge Coordinator, Perinatal Education Program (306) 966-7792
Linda Iwabuchi Clerical Assistant, IMG (306) 966-8024
Daniel Mittelholtz Educational Program Designer (306) 966-7791
Debbie Matheson Administrative Assistant, Finance (306) 966-2615
Kimberely Drake Clerical Assistant (306) 966-4485
Molly Campbell Clerical Assistant (306) 966-7794
Pam Seib Clerical Assistant (306) 966-7787
Jon Witt Medical Director, SIPPA (306) 966-8366
Carla Fehr Coordinator, SIPPA (306) 966-8366
Sharman Mack Clerical Assistant, SIPPA (306) 966-8072
Chantelle Kurtz Coordinator, PEP (306) 966-7793
Program Assistant, PEP (306) 966-8362

Vision and Mission of Continuing Medical Education


Respect, Responsiveness, Collaboration, Innovation, Accountability, Passion, Leadership, Scholarship, Quality Improvement


CME is a leader in enhancing the patient's quality of health through its innovative educational opportunities in lifelong learning


CME engages with healthcare professionals to enhance health care outcomes by delivering continuing professional learning that is focused on the needs of the patient and their communities. We are guided by the principles of social accountability, equity, collaboration and excellence.

CME provides a variety of courses, workshops, conferences, and online learning opportunities throughout the year. Please do check out our Event Services tab above for information on Event Accreditation and Management, Study Credits, Research and more. This page is frequently updated, so please remember to check back here and click on the Tabs above for the most current information.

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