Perinatal Education Program

About the Program

The Perinatal Education Program is a program of the Division of Continuing Medical Education - College of Medicine and Continuing Education in partnership with Maternal and Children’s Provincial Program.

Maternal and Children’s Provincial Program Education & Research Knowledge Mobilization Unit (KMU) is within the Saskatchewan Health Authority. The KMU is “a community of practice and the supporting tools & processes that together help to ensure that all patients, families and providers in Saskatchewan have the knowledge they need to support health and improve outcomes for Saskatchewan moms & kids.”

Information regarding the Maternal and Children’s Provincial Program is available at

The purpose of the collaboration is to promote optimal perinatal and pediatric outcomes based on evidence-informed care. The KMU collaborates with content experts and leaders within the province and nationally to identify, develop, facilitate and evaluate continuing education and professional development for physicians, nurses, midwives and other health care professionals providing care to people and families.  

The objectives are to:

  • Promote the maintenance of competence of perinatal and pediatric health care providers throughout Saskatchewan by providing educational programs and consultation services. 
  • Ensure distributive learning pertaining to perinatal, obstetrical, neonatal, and pediatric care and respond to needs on a provincial basis, including rural and remote locations in Saskatchewan.
  • Provide professional education to contribute to the reduction of mortality and morbidity.
  • Support a comprehensive, coordinated approach to education in the province.

The KMU can assist with planning or will provide on request:

  • group learning activities
  • consultation and collaboration with individuals, groups, and facilities
  • information about best practice, policies and procedures, equipment and documentation