“Evidence shows that individual, organizational and system level factors play a role in the mental health and wellness of our physicians, clinicians, health care providers and teams. Much focus has been on building individual resilience; however, we have come to understand that without addressing systemic level factors, there will be little sustained improvement in the health of our workforce. This not only impacts the vitality of our health care providers but also negatively impacts patient care. In addition to the individual resources that are now in place to support our physicians and health care workers, focusing on the systemic and organizational factors related to physician and health care worker wellness is crucial.  The University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine Continuing Medical Education in collaboration with ……

Education Sessions

Each session will include three learning objectives and focus on skill building.

    • Introduction to Clinician Wellness and CME Wellness Program            
    • Resilience (Clinician Burnout)
    • Mindfulness in Professional Practice
    • Compassion Training (Self Criticism, “compassion fatigue”)
    • Mental Health Promotion (Anxiety, Depression)
    • Resilience (Addictions, Substance Use Disorders)
    • Civility and Professionalism (Intimidation and Harassment, Disruptive Behavior)
    • Critical Incident Stress Management (Impact and Recovery from Adverse Events)
    • Sustainable Performance and Productivity
    • Peer Support, Organizational Culture and Community Building
    • Sleep Hygiene
    • Simulation and Wellness


More information about our Wellness Program coming soon.