“This has probably been the most valuable continuing education & training I’ve ever completed. I use it all the time.   We started screening kids with the PSC-17 presenting at our clinic and the numbers have been overwhelming, and it has opened up significant dialogue around required supports in our community. “

  • Lisa Plank, Nurse Practitioner

“[The most valuable thing about the course is] learning about various screening tools and how to implement them. It was invaluable developing personal relationships with local psychiatrists as well.”

  • Andrea Perkins, Family Physician

“An excellent guide to improving initial diagnosis of psychiatric conditions in the pediatric population, as well as understanding and using the starting points for management plans including medications.”

  • Sharmin Hares, Pediatrician

“This course offers applicable tools to further understanding of treatment and gain future support networks in order for both patient and physician to work together to achieve better mental health outcomes.”

  • Taylore Beechy, Medical Student

“It makes pediatric psychiatric cases' assessment easy in primary care.”

  • Moses Olakanmi, Family Physician

“I now feel much more confident diagnosing and treating pediatric mental health concerns.”

  • Heather Wright, Family Physician

“The scope of this course is broad but I will be able to make small, meaningful changes immediately that will improve the care I provide. I feel confident I have the tools to manage pediatric mental health right here in my community of practice while also knowing what resources are available should we need additional supports. I cannot recommend this course enough!”

  • Jennelle Hubick, Nurse Practitioner

 “[The most valuable thing about the course is] listening to providers who were once where I am and are now doing better because they went through this course. The content of the course is also super valuable - I admit that I had never heard of most of the resources mentioned/used.”

  • Abi Adeniran, Family Physician

“[The most valuable thing about the course is the] information regarding assessment tools and rating scales for pediatric mental health and information regarding pharmacotherapy that can be started in primary health care settings.”

  • Chelsea Schemenauer, Family Physician

"This is one of the most valuable continuing education courses I have participated in. It has provided me with fantastic resources and increased my knowledge and confidence in assessing and treating pediatric mental health concerns. I highly recommend this course."

  • Kiersten Frick, Nurse Practitioner

“Great tools for assessing Paediatric Mental Health which simplifies the process making it less overwhelming. Reviewing the medication classes was very useful.”

  • Leani Loots, Family Physician

"This course had so many valuable aspects. One of note is that it connected me with a great community dedicated to pediatric mental health, facilitating further learning and ensuring best practice moving forward through ongoing communication and collaboration."

  • Eric Brenna, Family Physician