Dr. Nishma Patel


Dr. Nishma Patel was born in London England and was raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. She completed her postgraduate residency training in Psychiatry at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Patel is an acute care psychiatrist in Regina, Saskatchewan, currently working as the fulltime psychiatrist in the Emergency Department at the Regina General Hospital. Her clinical roles also include acting as a consulting psychiatrist for the Community Outreach and Support Team (COAST) and the outpatient Mental Health Day Program in Regina.

Dr. Patel is actively involved in medical education within both the undergraduate Psychiatry clerkship program, and the postgraduate Psychiatry residency training program. Currently, she sits on the Competency by Design (CBD) Committee, the Curriculum Committee, the On-call Committee, Provincial ED/ Psychiatry Referral Working Group and Nursing-Resident Communication Working Group. She is an Assistant Professor at the U of S as well as an Academic Advisor for the CBD curriculum residents, while also dedicating time to facilitate and evaluate residents completing mock oral exams and structured patient interviews.

Her clinical areas of interest include medical education, quality improvement as it relates to patient handover, and acute psychiatric stabilization, particularly involving substance-induced agitation and psychosis.

Outside of her clinical work Dr. Patel is dedicated to her family and enjoys travelling, cooking, and being a proud mom to her young daughter.