Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m eligible for SIPPA?

How do I apply for SIPPA?

  • Contact saskdocs.

Do I have to sign a Return of Service Agreement to participate in SIPPA?

  • Yes, contact saskdocs.

Is SIPPA a Family Medicine training program?

  • No, SIPPA is not an abbreviated Family Medicine Residency training program or GP refresher course.
  • SIPPA is a competency assessment program and assessors are under no obligation to provide feedback to candidates or remediate any deficiencies.

What happens if I fail the Therapeutic Decision Making Exam?

  • Candidates who wish to be selected for SIPPA must be successful in the Therapeutic Decision Making Exam to be eligible to participate in the Orientation to Family Practice in Saskatchewan and the Clinical Field Assessment.
  • If you obtain a fail result, you may attempt the examination once more within the two-year period but no earlier than seven months from your previous attempt. You are permitted a maximum of four lifetime attempts. 

What happens if I fail the CFA?

  • Unsuccessful candidates are eligible to enter the SIPPA program on one more occasion only, after a period of six months from their initial failure. The candidate must meet all SIPPA eligibility requirements, must reapply through saskdocs and be reselected for SIPPA.

I failed the Clinical Field Assessment, can I appeal?

  • Yes, Section 9 of the SIPPA Candidate Agreement outlines the eligibility and process for candidate appeals.

Does successfully completing SIPPA guarantee me a full license to practice medicine in Saskatchewan?

  • No, there are further requirements after the successful completion of SIPPA prior to being granted a full license to practice medicine in Saskatchewan; please contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan with any questions you may have regarding physician licensure in Saskatchewan.