The Saskatchewan Electronic Medical Record (EMR) program, in partnership with the Division of Continuing Medical Education - College of Medicine would like to present the HIPA (Health Information Protection Act) - Diagnosis Privacy online course.

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General Information

This online course has been created and designed to assist you in creating your own Privacy and Security Policies manual to utilize in your practice. Once registered in this course you will have access to four primary modules which contain thorough guidelines, references, links to the HIPA Act and templates, etc. Each module will provide a step-by-step approach to creating a comprehensive Privacy and Security Policy manual. Within each module are references to sections and sub-sections of the HIPA act pertinent to that component of the manual you will be producing. You will also have access to checklists that you may use to cross-reference each of the elements that go into the makeup of your manual.

You or the trustee you have assigned to complete this Manual must contact the Division of Continuing Medical Education to set up your registration and receive access to the course. This course is being delivered using the BlackBoard Learn™ Learning Management System and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. You will also be able to access the content of this course with a tablet with an internet connection. You will need to download the BBLEARN mobile app to view the content on your tablet. You will also need to use a Word Processor like MS Word to produce the final manual but we will provide templates to get you started quickly with this process. 

SMA Education Bank:

Up to $3,000.00 of fees for recognized CME activities can be recovered each year by Saskatchewan physicians from the CME fund, which is managed by the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

This course will have a registration fee of $300.00 plus GST and the SMA will re-imburse you upon successful completion of the course.

Course Overview

  • Module 1: Accountability
  • Module 2: Patient Rights
  • Module 3: Consent, Collection, Use and Disclosure
  • Module 4: Safeguards
  • Module 5: Summary

Each module contains interactive links to a searchable copy of the Health Information Protection Act.

Also includes:

  • Resources
  • Sample Policy Manuals
  • Templates
  • Acronyms
  • EMR Glossary

Course Goal

The HIPA Act

In Saskatchewan, physicians who are trustees as described in The Health Information Protection Act are required to establish privacy programs for
their staff and others who may have access to patients’ personal health information. The privacy program should consist of:

• Written privacy and security policies and procedures.
• Privacy and security education for staff.
• Confidentiality agreements signed by staff.
• Providing information to patients about information management practices of the trustee.
• Processes to provide patients with access to their own personal health information and to request amendments to errors and omissions in
their records.
• Signed agreements with third parties and other trustees.

Therefore, the overarching goal of this course will be to provide the tools and resources needed by those entrusted with the personal health information of others to develop their own policies and procedures and develop a program that will inform staff, patients and physicians themselves on all aspects of ensuring the confidentiality of personal health information, its collection, use, disclosure and storage.

Course Details

There are four assigned modules of work and one additional module where you must complete an evaluation of the course. The overall objecive is to create a complete Privacy and Security Policy Manual for your individual or group practice. You, or the trustee you have assigned to complete this course, will be provided with templates to assist in creating the manual. Once you have completed the four modules you will compile the work completed within each module to create the final version of YOUR manual. Each step along the way you are provided with direct links to the appropriate section or subsection of HIPA (Health Information Protection Act). This is a resource tool only and cannot address every practice scenario for Saskatchewan physicians. Any documents generated from this resource should be reviewed by legal counsel.

Course Credits

If you have had a trustee  complete this work you can still qualify for Linking learning to Practice credits for reviewing the completed manual, ensuring that is is distributed to your staff and patients and its ongoing updating and maintenance.

This course:

  • is being offered exclusively online
  • Is only for asynchronous participation by individuals
  • participants log in from home, from work, etc. at their convenience
  • has no food/beverage provided to participants
  • has no industry involvement with logistics at the time of the event

This course meets all the requirements set out within:

Participants will register and receive a receipt or record of registration. Participants will have a period of three months to work through the course content and access all resources that have been made available. There are many opportunities for participants to interact with faculty and other participants (direct or asynchronous); when a discussion is closed, a summary of the discussion points, conclusions, and recommended additional readings will be provided to all participants in the course.

The number of assigned credits has been based on a best estimate of the time required to complete the CPD program (including reading time, discussion board entries, and so on)

Click Here to download the HIPA Brochure