Accreditation Planning

Why bother with accreditation for your event or conference? Which learning activities need accreditation and which do not? (PDFs are provided here for you to review outlines of the  MOC or the  Mainpro+ programs). Programs and conferences that are accredited distinguish themselves from those that do not in that they represent high quality learning experiences for your learners that are demanding a level of educational excellence associated with the University of Saskatchewan.

The accreditation process by U of S involves a peer review with the scientific or planning committee to certify that the educational curriculum is up to a strict scientific standard, that the National Standards for CPD Accreditation have been followed and elements of commercial bias are absent from all aspects of planning and execution.  It is imperative that the target audience is identified, involved and prioritized throughout the planning process.  Elements such as a proper needs assessment, event and session objectives, appropriate formats for assessment and evaluation, conflict of interest declarations are all part of producing an event that is free of bias and worthy of accreditation.

The criteria used by CME to accredit your event can be viewed in a PDF document  here.

Programs that are accredited will be permitted to use the University’s name and logo on marketing materials for program which ensures learners are made aware of the program’s high quality and rigorous planning processes.

Why work with U of S CME?

Program Committees and Chairs who work with CME at U of S can expect:

  • Guidance with accreditation applications can be confusing and hard to navigate.  There are new National Standards as of January 1, 2018 and our staff have been trained to understand the policies and complexities of these applications and standards. We can coach you through the process and help in the implementation of your activity.
  • Access to our experience as to best practices and strategies for program design, program production and delivery on issues that are relevant and important to your learners.
  • A higher quality of educational event with targeted learning objectives that are outcome based and programming that is based around health issues that are relevant and timely.
  • Our registration system (PCI compatible) at the University of Saskatchewan (SRS) will allow an online registration management system to be created and records registrants continuing education profiles, generation of attendance records certificates for attendees.  We can even submit learning credits on behalf of learners to their respective national college-it’s a simple matter of the learner providing their national college ID number)  
  • The benefit of our marketing processes which advertise the event through the University of Saskatchewan at its distributed sites across Saskatchewan.

 National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities

FAQs for Implementation

Steps in Obtaining Accreditation for Group Learning Activities

Step 1: Pay the fee for accreditation review

CME Accreditation Application Fee (MOC)  

CME Acceditation Application Fee (Mainpro+) 

Note: There is a non-refundable fee of $650 payable to CME for review of any application. Fees will not be refunded if the application is not approved or if the application is withdrawn.

Step 2: Choose a form

Event Type Form Guide
MOC Section 1 MOC Section 1 MOC Section 1 Group Learning Standard
MOC Section 3 SAP MOC Section 3 SAP MOC Section 3 Self-Assessment Standard
MOC Section 3 SIM MOC Section 3 SIM MOC Section 3 Simulation-Based Standards
Mainpro+ Category 1 Group Learning
Mainpro+ Mainpro+ Certification Standards

Step 3: Complete the application form.

We have included some helpful templates for budgets, evaluation and COI forms that will make this process easier.


Step 4: Submission - send the application package to our CME team at

  • Please note that applications typically take between 4-6 weeks to process. Please be mindful of this when completing applications.
  • Planning Committees please take note; It is NOT permissible to indicate on ANY event marketing that an accreditation is “pending” for an event.

Step 5: Status

  • Receipt of your application will be confirmed. Missing documentation or revisions may be required.
  • The CME office will notify the RCPSC of your accredited event.
  • The applicant is responsible for providing the “Certificate of Attendance” to participants.

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Mainpro+ Certification

The CME office is an accredited office to help learners with their Mainpro+ applications that are at the 1 credit per hour level and developed for local audiences only and not online

The CFPC requires that any program that is a) at the 2 or 3 credit level b) developed for online use or c) used at the national level be reviewed by the CFPC. For convenience please refer to the local CFPC office (contact information below).

For programs not developed and organized through the CME office, application for Mainpro+ accreditation must be made through CFPC.

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