Conference & Course Management

Following are the services that CME can offer whether you are planning your own event, workshop or online course. Our team members can assist with all of the following Conference and Course Management Services:

  • Registration and data management
  • Exhibitor opportunities
  • Venue contracting and management 
  • Webpage development
  • Advertising
  • Social media campaigns
  • Content management
  • Financial and budgeting management
  • Event app management
  • Administration of logistical arrangements including meeting space room sets, catering, audiovisual and other logistical details
  • Evaluation services

What CME Provides for Conference Management

Conference Logistics

    • Venue selection & contract negotiation
    • Catering & AV setup
    • Event app management
    • Speaker Management – after initial planning committee member reaches out

Event Registration

    • SRS (Student Registration System) - PCI-compliant
    • Credit card processing
    • Record keeping: Access to registrant records

Financial Management

    • Budgeting & expense reimbursement
    • Processing of expenses
    • Cost reconciliation & financial reporting

Marketing and Communications

    • Digital advertising
    • Print advertising (on request only)
    • Marketing campaign creation and implementation
    • Social media campaign

Educational Support

    • Program design
    • Evaluation
    • Tools & templates
    • Needs assessment
    • Outcome measurement

PowerPoint Slide Decks

  • Planning Guide:

    Must have all steps completed before submitting request of event to CME.

      1. Needs assessment
      2. List of confirmed planning committee members with contact information (email, phone number, assistant information)
      3. Confirmed goals and objectives for conference
      4. Choose date for course/conference. Needs to avoid competing programs and holidays


    Conference Planning Timeline

    1. CME Team to help the Planning Committee achieve its goals and objectives that have been set
    2. Confirm conference goals and objectives links to the target audience
    3. Review and understand U of S accreditation standards and guidelines
    4. Budget development encompassing all potential expenses and revenue
    5. Committee to decide if including sponsors
    6. Venue selection and contract negotiation
    7. Develop marketing and social media plan
    8. Develop webpage
    9. Open registration through SRS
    10. Client to submit the accreditation application with all required items: budget, evaluation form, needs assessment, and program agenda
    11. Develop event day supplies: name tags, signage
    12. Send out notification about evaluation
    13. Review data gathered from evaluation
    14. Conduct debrief meeting with planning committee
    15. Provide feedback to key stakeholders including faculty and sponsors

    Online Registration System

    Continuing Medical Education can provide information on the Student Registration System (SRS). This system is designed to manage the registration and fee payments for a wide range of events, conferences, workshops or online courses. If your physician organziation is planning an event and you require a registration system capable of taking payments, contacting registrants, providing reports and more you will want to contact our office for further details.

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